This site is a window to the world of Digital Video, created by the UMW New Media Center. Here you will find articles under the broad category of video on ourĀ blog. Most of the articles will link back to the original article on the New Media Center website. We also have a series of pages that constitutes our introductory video tutorial. Here we talk about the Players, Shooting Video, Capture, Editing, and Encoding.

Digital video is differentiated from analog video – which utilized video tape (VHS, Beta, Hi8, etc.). Digital video files will maintain their quality no matter how many times they are copied – a big advantage over the old analog tapes where you would see a loss of quality as you edited to other tapes. DVD, digital video tape (mini-DV), and SD/flash memory cards are the common methods of storing digital video. A computer is then used to edit and publish these videos in a variety of ways. We begin the tutorial by talking about the players and the formats.

We have a similar site that talks aboutĀ digital audio.

If you want to jump straight to our resources page, go to Fast, Cheap, and Under Control.

Contact information for this site can be found at the UMW New Media Center site.

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